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Prior to serving criminal or civil subpoenas on, or other social media providers, for the production of files pertaining to libel, harassment, impersonation, copyright offenses etc. Your lawyer’s team may likely be well advised to seek out Rexxfield’s lawsuit assistance services to be sure that relevant internet artifacts and information are correctly stored. Additionally, Rexxfield’s experience in these areas will serve to guarantee that the discovery process you execute leaves no stone unturned with respect to the sorts of records requested and affirmation discovered. Ask Rexxfield to help compose your subpoena requests.

Are You Law A Police Officer or A Prosecutor?

If possible Rexxfield provides pro bono help and support to police agencies lacking the specialty skills required to expeditiously issue warrants and subpoenas for crucial yet perishable digital evidence. Ask for criminal investigative advice from Rexxfield] Address for Service & Acceptable Methods of Service:

eBay, Inc /PayPal, Inc

Contact Name: eBay / PayPal Global  Asset Protection – FIT
Online Service: eBay, Inc /PayPal, Inc
Online Service Address: 2211 North First Street
San Jose, CA  95131
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Note(s): Law Enforcement Resource Information: Inc. for law Enforcement: efforts to become more efficient in providing records and to ensure that we are processing requests from our Law Enforcement Partners in the quickest possible time. We have implemented a new electronic method for you to submit your Subpoenas and Letterhead Requests to us Online. Our Law Enforcement eRequest System is an secure and easy tool that replaces our fax-based system. We are committed to the highest standards and the goal of being the Best in Class Online partner with Law Enforcement.

To begin visit our Law Enforcement eRequest System HTTPS://LERS.CORP.EBAY.COM

For any questions or more information please contact our team at [email protected]

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