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Angry Cheese September 21, 2010 at 11:30 pm

What a heartbreaking video. All that beauty and potential lost to the World. What can be more sad than a lonely and frightened, self-inflicted death. How can families ever get over this? I am a great believer in taking control. As a parent, you tell the school what you want and don’t be fobbed off. I believe in removing children from school if things in that “school” are not right. If the school cannot or will not deal with bullying effectively, it means they are not carrying out their duty of care to the bullied child and are unfit for the purpose – but don’t wait for them to get their act together! A bad school is literally like sending your child to a prison every day! Find another school, or home tutor, or even up sticks and move house. As for the internet – chuck the computer out! Once upon a time, people passed degrees without computers and the internet! Your child will complain but after a few weeks will start reading books!

Jean123 October 17, 2010 at 4:57 pm

These are so hard to read (or watch). Every name that gets added to the lists breaks my heart as another life is taken because a child couldn’t understand that what is written on line does not have to be what they believe about themselves.

One thing that we can do is pressure Facebook and Twitter to ensure that they stay on top of strategies to limit online bullying (which teens now favor). They have done so.

Also, we need to keep our children off TOPIX.COM altogether and hopefully ask advertisers and media companies who partner with them to join the band of many who have DROPPED THEM FOREVER.

There is alot of information here

Is it worth letting someone have their FREE SPEECH to let our children die????

Anonymous November 22, 2010 at 10:56 pm

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Susan Cyr October 30, 2010 at 4:00 pm

This video should be played in all schools to help with awareness. Instead of teaching kids about sex.

Stefhoney November 2, 2010 at 4:36 pm

Very touching story.

Swoop February 22, 2011 at 12:36 am

Oh My GOD!!
Why do our children have to endure these situations.? My 14 yr old was severly bullied at school because he has a mental disability, When he came home, the bullying continued. He refused to speak to anyone about what he ws going through until I placed keylogging software on his PC. I was appalled and shocked at the content of the emails and Facebook posts he received. Bullies stole his mobile phone to gain the number and began sending him cruel and offensive texts and pictures. In many respects, I was lucky as I used the posts and Pics on facebook and the senders number to locate his antagonists. Their parents had no idea what these children were doing or saying online and the material I gathered opened many eyes !!
Being in Australia means I have no effective means to ensure web sites like facebook are held responsable for the content held on their web site. It it my firm belief that they should be held accountable in some form. Now I understand that facebook is unable to “police” the high number of entries they receive everyday but surely then can institute a policy of language checks through software to remove grossly offensive words (the Australian government already have this in place regarding emails etc received on government machines). My opinion is that facebook, and the other sites similar, are facilitating this kind of bullying and abuse and should be held accountable. If it were known that facebook WILL release the IP addresses of offenders to authorities and WILL assist in the proscecution of offenders, the levels of cyber bullying would reduce. We will never stop this kind of abuse but we do need to monitor it’s effects on those who use these web sites and to put in place methods of limiting the damage. I do know that some Internet Service Providers WILL discontinue service to those who use the Internet to begin or maintain abuse. I was lucky, I discovered the abuse my son was enduring and I was able to stop that abuse and help him to realise that what he was reading was about as far from the truth as you could get. My heart goes out to those parents who have lost children through cyber abuse. Like you, I initially blamed myself for not seeing and understanding what my son was going through. Then I realised that the blame rested firmly on the shoulders of those children AND parents who continued the abuse, or allowed the abuse to continue. If your child was attacked and physically injured, you would be the first to call foul, why then are these parents allowing their children to continually abuse others with little or no knowledge of what damage this may be doing to those who are the target of that abuse. Online abuse or cyber bullying SHOULD carry the same penalties as the other forms of abuse carry. The damage done is just as bad, if not worse as this kind of abuse is mental and emotional and many of our children fear to speak about it, to anyone..
I for one would welcome greater interest and monitoring of the time our children spend on the Internet, my kids are monitored and they know they are monitored.
My kids now have the confidence to be able to talk with both their mother and myself regarding any issues they have and I will trace and track any abuser to the best of my abilities and ensure that they are dealt with to the fullest extent of the law and their own parents.
Don’t sit back, Don’t simply think that everything is fine, CHECK !!!
We DO NOT need any further loss of loved one’s to this heinous crime.
After all, our children are not only our future, But everyone’s !!

HollysGmom February 24, 2011 at 7:53 am

Dear Michael,
Unfortunately it is not only children who are victims of this abuse and not only children are susceptible to being bullying to death. As an adult with diagnosis of depression and anxiety, when I started experiencing public defamation it has been DEVESTATING! I had spent the last 3 years building my reputation as a cyber investigator for Nation Missing Children’s cases. I have made many media contacts and have previously been considered a reputable source of information. I was well on my way to being able to find employment in the investigative field. Since this defaming I have come to believe that all hopes are dashed. People who once respected me are now pensive. A Nationally known media contact I can prove I have been in correspondence with has disavowed me publicly. The administrator of a popular Crime forum I had been a respected Moderator at has posted many defaming things about me on her public blog. Several of my friends have also come under attack by the same group and defamed in similar ways. In addition to my work with missing children’s cases I am also an advocate for awareness on child abuse and child trafficking due to my own real life experiences. These experiences are at root of my mental health issues. All of this hard work is now destroyed. The blog owner laughs and insists she knows the law and is totally within her legal rights to do the things she does to people, especially me.
PS I would very much like to offer volunteer services to help other victims.
HollysGmom is my cyber investigative nic.

Private Investigator May 17, 2011 at 6:29 pm

Freedom without government is anarchy. Anonymous slander and libel is protected by lack of Criminal Federal Laws and Criminal State Laws, except of 17 States

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