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Rexxfield’s tech team has released a new service that has a 91% success rate for removing anything from Google Search results. Simply enter the search phrases that display unfavorable results in Google Search and choose your country:

Removal of Online Libel, Defamation, privacy invasion & illegal speech

For Individuals

“Sticks and stones can break my bones”… but libel hurts too….we know because we have been there….. Really, we have!

You have already learned that your friends and family can’t relate to your pain. You have heard them say, “just get over it”, or “ignore it and it will go away”. That is not the way this unprecedented form of harassment works. The torment is suffocating, the symptoms debilitating, and the financial damage is incalculable. Rexxfield was launched out of the rubble of destroyed businesses, careers and reputations. This is why we will fight so hard to ease your anguish.
Contact us…..

For Businesses

Is someone posting untrue statements about you or your business? Legal action, although often necessary, can be slow and expensive. Rexxfield has economical alternatives to litigation.

Public Relations & Crisis Management

Rexxfield will normally collaborate with your publicist, crisis manager and/or attorney, depending on the scope of work. Rexxfield’s mandate does not include the direct provision of Public Relations services except where it augments the efforts of your existing PR professionals. Contact us…..

Legal Support & Forensic Investigations

Our Expert Investigators & Paralegals Can Build a Stronger Case

Sometimes you will need to take action in court in serious cases where we are unable to obtain prompt removal of false or libelous materials. Our subject matter experts and specialist attorneys can team with your own attorney for cheaper and faster results.

Our experienced investigative team can find the information you need to convince your antagonists to end their attack. If they persist we can help your lawyer and legal team build the best case possible for court. We know how and where to find the information you need. In most cases we will save you many thousands of dollars in legal fees by finding information faster. Contact us…..

Expert Witnesses

Let Rexxfield Explain the Details to the Judge & Jury

Internet criminal and civil offences are very scary to many technically illiterate judges and juries. This can result in unjust rulings for fear of treading on freedom-of-speech laws. The fact is, the First Amendment in the USA and free speech laws in most developed or developing nations do not protect the following:

  • Libel
  • Slander
  • Defamation
  • Invasion of Privacy
  • Tortuous Interference

Let Rexxfield’s experts explain to the court why you should win the case. Contact us…..

Cyber Stalkers

Protect Yourself and Your Family from Internet Criminals & Sociopaths

GENERAL ADVISORY: Rexxfield recommends that individuals considering online dating or participation in social networking take the time to recognize the warning signs of Anti-Social Personality Disorder (a.k.a. Psychopaths) as they tend to be particularly drawn to victims online. This is a very real, clear and present danger to you and your loved ones. Before giving out private information, no matter how charming the person; VERIFY! Read more….

Rexxfield’s investigators can help identify the individual responsible for threatening or creating inappropriate postings, emails and other electronic “stalking” activities. Contact us…..

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Rexxfield does not provide SEO services, but if you do not have a provider of the services we will happily refer you to reputable vendors.

Brand Defamation

Tortuous Interference – False-Negative Reports About Your Business

Is your business under attack by competitors or customers with unrealistic expectations? Rexxfield’s search engine experts can help turn your predicament from bad to good. Rexxfield’s investigators can help identify the individuals responsible for posting deceptive statements publicly; even if done anonymously or with a pseudonym. Contact us…..

Hacker & Vulnerability Assessments

Most businesses have computer systems containing very sensitive information. Our experts can check for hacker vulnerabilities.

Rexxfield’s I.T. security experts have served or trained thousands of personnel from businesses, charities, military organizations, intelligence agencies and governments globally. Contact us…..

We don’t do “Spin”

Rexxfield serves and protects the “victims of others”; our mandate does not allow us to serve “victims of self”. In other words, if you have done wrong and are being treated harshly for it, your remedy will be through a publicist. Notwithstanding, we can and will help you to be heard so that your honest and sincere response or statements have a higher likelihood of being heard by those interested in your story.

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  • AnnonymusWe've been asked what we think of Anonymous; we a staunch supporter of legitimate whistle blowing in this "info-war" generation. If less than 1% of the population wields power over the rest of us, then they must be held to account through transparency; this can only be done by critical thinking, truth and information. As such, we believe those members of Anonymous who share this view and do not abuse their gifts are heros. As such we have no quarrel with them.

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