Digital Investigations

Our investigators can find the information you need to convince your antagonists to stop their attack. If they persist we can assist your lawyer and legal team building the best case possible for court. We know how and where to find the information you require.

Rexxfield’s cyber tracing team of investigators and partner attorneys have a track record of tracing and positively identifying anonymous forum and blog posters of malicious Internet libel. We can help you identify your attackers, often without court action.

Because we find information fast, we can save you tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, as well as drastically reduce court case duration. Our discovered forensic evidence often prompts out-of-court settlements by the unmasked defendants.

Law Enforcement Crime Fighting Tools

Rapid, Digital-crime, Geographic Nexus Acquisition Solution

This solution has been used for criminal and private investigations for numerous law enforcement agencies globally, for Internet-based crimes. Our team is currently re-creating NexusMyst as a distributable application, or “Software as a Service” for licensing to individual law enforcement organizations globally. It can be deployed securely behind your own firewalls for chain-of-custody integrity, or through secure cloud-based hosting.

lf transferred directly to the foreign jurisdiction, or via Interpol, within 24-hours of the case intake. NexusMyst can reduce the human resource expenses associated with these investigations by 10 to 20 plus hours or more. Case pendency can be reduced from many weeks or months to as little as 24-hours, particularly where foreign perpetrators are involved.

Online Reputation Management

Page1.me rapidly removes undesirable defamation and negative news stories from Google search results. We work for individuals and organizations who need to repair unfavourable first-page Google search results for their name or brands.

Search Engine Suppression:
Our proprietary search suppression methods are acceptable to Google’s “web-spam” team; we avoid scrutiny and penalties by Google.

Automatically Generate Search Suppression Quote [Click Here]

Guaranteed Google Removal for Common Law Countries:
Thanks to a 2017 Australian legal precedent against Google, new defamation liability precedent came into effect for common law countries. Defamation victims from countries including Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and others can now hold Google liable and force Google to remove defamatory search results; without going to court. This guaranteed search results removal method does not remove the actual article from the internet, BUT makes it disappear from Google search results. And let’s be honest, if it’s not visible in search results, it might as well not exist.

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