Mission & Vision.

Mission Statement

"Reorganize the world’s universally accessible data into fair, balanced and accurate information.”


Rexxfield embraces and encourages the global application of freedom of speech while protecting and restoring the innocent victims of the abuse thereof, specifically those who have been injured through deceptive, false and defamatory assertions in the form of slander and libel.


Clients: To represent and protect victims of lies, defamation, and the invasion of privacy and render all reasonable assistance in order to have deceptive materials retracted from the public domain and the victims’ good names and reputations restored.
Staff: To reward its loyal team with emotional and material rewards nobly earned in the defense of truth.


At Rexxfield we will do everything within our reasonable power and ability to provide our advocacy and restorative services without taking advantage of the desperation and emotional exhaustion that often comes with unjust victimization.