Jobs @ Rexxfield

Jobs @ Rexxfield

Producer / Journalist / Actor

Rexxfield is seeking a multifaceted individual who is a gifted storyteller to create a series of short documentaries as well as self help videos. Exact jobs description is yet to be determined, but that task could be part of your application after you “interview” Rexxfield’s team.

You will be making a difference, essentially exposing what is done in darkness in the full light of day. Our team has excellent contacts in mainstream media as well as Hollywood and New York connections in news, media and entertainment who are sympathetic to our mission.


Personal attributes

You should poses the following attributes, particularly when interviewing and helping our commercial and pro bono clients:

  • Sympathetic
  • Empathetic
  • Sensitive to victims feelings
  • Passionate about social justice
  • Committed to “the Truth”
  • Telling it like it is…
  • Discernment – Post modern anthropologist

Interested? Drop Michael a line at