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Internet Libel Litigation Support & Digital Forensic Investigations

Rexxfield is the world’s only specialist in positively identifying anonymous online bloggers.
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Rexxfield can assist your litigation team with drafting cause of actions, subpoenas, orders and other litigation related documents. More >>>

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Internet Libel Cases and Important Precedents

Cases will be published here soon.

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  • AnnonymusWe've been asked what we think of Anonymous; we a staunch supporter of legitimate whistle blowing in this "info-war" generation. If less than 1% of the population wields power over the rest of us, then they must be held to account through transparency; this can only be done by critical thinking, truth and information. As such, we believe those members of Anonymous who share this view and do not abuse their gifts are heros. As such we have no quarrel with them.

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