How do I submit a Google Law Enforcement Preservation Request?

To submit a Google law enforcement preservation request, law enforcement agencies in the US need to follow a legal process. This legal process involves a subpoena or court order to compel Google to reveal user information. In case of certain emergencies, exceptions are made by Google.

How to submit a Google Law Enforcement Preservation Request

There are several ways for enforcement authorities to provide preservation requests to Google. This is possible in person, via fax, email, mail, or using Google’s online Law Enforcement Request System (LERS).

Contact Google Law Enforcement Compliance Department

Google LLC
Contact Name: Google Legal Investigations Support
Online Service: Google LLC
Online Service Address: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone Number: (844 )383-8524 or 650 )417-9011

Contact Google Legal Department

Note: Put forward your legal requests via the Law Enforcement Request System (LERS). The system requires every user to sign up for a unique law enforcement account to submit legal requests.

Submitting a Emergency Disclosure Request:

In case you have an Emergency Disclosure Request (EDR) regarding a circumstance including imminent danger of death or significant physical injury. If the normal disclosure process is not sufficient to attend to the threat, provide the preservation request through your Law Enforcement Request System (LERS) account. If you cannot access your LERS account or experience issues submitting through the LERS system, email [email protected]

When related, present Google with evidence of the danger. This could be a live YouTube or Blogger URL, or a copy of a Gmail email with complete message headers. This material is important in enabling the investigator to identify if the danger at issue actually stemmed from the user. If a third-party provider detected the Google Account requested, supply a copy of the production from the provider. Or include a selection of other identifiers (name, phone number, IP address, etc.) Numerous providers utilize unverified email addresses, and for that reason this other information will help in handling your EDR.

Google evaluates entries only during normal business hours. Therefore, if you file a law enforcement preservation request outside of normal service hours (9am-5pm CST Monday to Friday) and have not already communicated to Google Legal Support relating to this case, call +1 -650 -417 -9011 and leave a message.

From Googles LERS FAQ:

” Notwithstanding Title 18, United States Code, Section 2252A [or similar statute or code] Google shall disclose responsive data, if any, by delivering encrypted files through Google’s Law Enforcement Request System”.

Google legal department email address.
You can email your questions to [email protected]

We also listed the contact details for Google when you want to serve Google legal department with subpoenas & court orders.

What is a Preservation Request

At times, law enforcement may request a provider to set aside a copy of detailed data while the agency goes through the legal process to force the disclosure of that data. For example, an agency may ask a provider to preserve specific data when the agency is concerned that the data may be lost or erased before they can finish the legal process. Preservation requests only apply to data that Google holds at the time of the request. It does not apply to future information.