To Remove Any Search Results From Page 1 of Google:

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The notorious Google “Search Suggest” function is kind of fun when it reads our minds successfully, but a torment if your business name is followed by “scam” in that same “suggest” feature. A french man has prevailed in a defamation action against Google and its CEO Eric Schmidt Eric Schmidt in his editorial capacity at Google HQ in the US was in fact responsible for suggesting words like “satanist” and “rapist” after the complainant’s name. Apparently in this case the complainant has previously been convicted for “corruption of a minor” so Google may have a good argument in the appeal.

Defamation is a criminal offense in most European countries, as it is in 17 USA states.


NOTE: Demand that Google removes search results from ALL Google country sites:

If you are a citizen of Germany for example, Google may only remove the defamatory search results from Without other times they may remove all EU domain extension variations of Google. However, you will find a very large number of European residents do not use EU country Google domains, but use the international ““. if Google does approve your removal request, you need to make sure that the offending search results do not display in If Google tries to argue that this is not a European website, you need to know that it is in fact an international website, is very accessible to your appearance, and should be part of the removal process.

A small history lesson about “.com” domains

.Com IS NOT a USA domain! It is international; The .com was originally designated for “commercial”. i.e. commercial purposes conducted by businesses without  national or geographic restrictions

REF: See: RFC1591 (1994), RFC819 (1982), RFC822 (1982) and others.  [The precursors to TLD’s were: “.arpa”, “.csnet”, “.bitnet”, and “.uucp”]



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