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Rexxfield Cyber Investigation Services are now available to licensed private investigators & attorneys who are trying to locate deadbeat parents that refuse visitation, or paying child support.

Traditional ‘Skip Tracing’ services are provided by Private investigators around the world. This is where they attempt to physically locate deadbeat parents who are avoiding paying child support or refusing visitation to the other parent. Often these attempts to locate the elusive parents are frustrated by sophisticated attempts by the parents to live anonymously.

The advent of modern communications, including the Internet and mobile phones, provide new methods of locating these individuals. Effective today, old-fashioned private investigators that do not possess digital forensics skills have a new weapon in their skip tracing arsenal.’s founder Michael Roberts, is a licensed private investigator specializing in electronic surveillance, forensics and geolocation. Mr. Roberts announced today that Rexxfield is opening up its “box of toys” and making their services available to licensed private investigators globally. He said “until recently some of these services were reserved exclusively for government or law enforcement agencies”.

Michael Roberts said “We have found that traditional law enforcement and private investigation agencies are often frustrated by sophisticated attempts by their targets to obfuscate their activities, residential addresses and just about anything to do with their day-to-day lives”.

Roberts explained that,  although there are many people globally who possess the skills to deliver the services offered by Rexxfield, most of them work for law enforcement and are not available for civil matters. Furthermore, Roberts added, “the ratio of these individuals, compared to the number of cases that remain unsolved, is extremely disproportionate”.

Roberts went on to explain that private investigation cold-cases can now be dusted off, often with very good chances of success, even if the private investigator has very limited information about the target. As an example, Roberts explained that he can use a cell phone number belonging to a relative of the target to “social engineer” the target’s family and friends into revealing his or her location. To do this, Rexxfield initiates communications with the target’s known associates, under a pretext, that usually results in that associate passing the communication onto the person of interest. As a consequence of the forwarded message, certain digital “incidents” might occur which provide fresh intelligence as to the general or specific whereabouts of the target.

When asked what type of cases these techniques can solve, Roberts said “our  successful case studies cover just about any situation you can imagine, whether it be missing persons who have gone missing deliberately, debtors or repossession targets, and deadbeat dads and deadbeat moms who owe back child support or refuse visitation to the other parent”.

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