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Are you are pursuing originating IP addresses or other types of identifying related information from for undisclosed or harassing messages, posts, emails etc? If so, then you really should understand that Rexxfield can often obtain this data very rapidly (often within hours), without the defendant being aware of the scrutiny. Our solutions are 100 % permissible and admissible in court. You will also have the benefit of constructing a great case before the antagonist is conscious of the investigation. Hold-ups and litigation charges will be considerably slashed engaging


Before serving civil or criminal subpoenas on, or other social media providers, for the production of logs relating to defamation, harassment, impersonation, copyright offenses etc. Your litigation team would be well advised to seek out Rexxfield’s litigation assistance services to assure that essential electronic artifacts and evidence are appropriately safeguarded. Rexxfield’s experience in these areas will help ensure that the discovery process you implement leaves no stone unturned with regard to the types of records sought and evidence uncovered. Request Rexxfield to help compose your subpoena requests.

Are You Law Enforcement?

Where possible Rexxfield extends pro bono support to law enforcement agencies lacking the specialised skill-sets required to quickly issue warrants and subpoenas for important yet perishable digital evidence. If you have a violent or serious crime that depends on digital evidence, we are here to help for free, we can supply police and district attorney references. [Get criminal investigative help and support from Rexxfield] Address for Service & Acceptable Methods of Service:

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