I think I may have discovered a new  psychological phenomenon pertaining to social networking. I regularly receive submissions from people who claim they are being harassed, ridiculed, and laughed at on the street. Whether they are at work, at school, on the train, everywhere they go, the description of the situation is almost identical case-by-case. Other symptoms seem to be that random webpages that these people read are somehow contorted in their perception, to be websites about them. Although, a disinterested objective third-party when reading the content of the webpages would not see any connections whatsoever. It seems that very small coincidences in social or electronic discourse to which the patient becomes aware, gets connected to his or her situation in what they think to be very obvious ways. This causes frustration that nobody else can see them, or even worse paranoia that the person to whom they are trying to express their delusions, becomes one of those in the conspiracy against them.