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Darren Meade - Anatomy of a Cyber Smear Campaigner

Rexxfield's Founder Finds himself in “the perfect storm”

Superior Court of California, County of Orange - Civil - Unlimited Civil Complex Center
Case name: Michael Roberts vs. Darren Meade. Case number: 30-2012-00557149-CU-DF-CXC


This case study is being drafted presently. More information will be posted soon. In the mean time, interested parties can obtain up-to-date information from the public access website that has been established in support of this case here: Darren Meade - An Internet Smear Campaign Case Study.


This notice serves to shed some preliminary light on the status of the case in order to mitigate further damages through the syndication and republication of Darren M Meade's defamatory attacks on Rexxfield and its founder Michael Roberts.

It also serves to educate students of psychology and human nature, Internet bullying and harassment, and most significantly other victims of Darren Meade as to his modus operandi, and what anguish to expect in the battle that lies ahead for them.

Public Notice & CEASE & DESIST

Darren Meade, the Fox News "source" is being paid by Ed Magedson the owner of Rexxfield's founder (Michael Roberts) is suing them both for defamation and civil conspiracy along with the journalist and Fox News.

Darren Meade, you are hereby put on notice To cease and desist publishing all false and defamatory allegations against Rexxfield and it's officers or staff.

Darren Meade -  Internet Smear Campaign

Although you are pitching your diatribe under the guise of social awareness and whistle-blowing, the fact remains that your allegations are untrue, malicious, and defamatory which serve only to elevate Ed Magedson as a social champion in an attempt to bury the fact that he commits atrocious and appalling business practices that have been recognized by courts, observers, and critical thinkers globally including me. Ergo, Ed Magedson is attempting to throw me under the bus in order to discredit me before I release my findings about him and his legal team.

Furthermore, be advised that blogging to promote the interests of without revealing that your are being paid to do so is illegal. You must state that you are or have been compensated when you blog in this manner to promote Ed Magedson's business.

The Federal Trade Commission's revised endorsement guides have raised the stakes for companies using social media to promote their brands or services. This is particularly the case with respect to the relatively new disclosure requirements surrounding paid blogger endorsements. I am not here to give you legal advice, and I know that you are a voracious researcher so I shall leave it in your hands to find for yourself appropriate laws and guidelines so that you are without excuse.


Having personally experienced the anguish and vocational debilitation of vicious Internet smear campaign, I encourage all readers to think very carefully before posting derogatory comments about another on any web site.  These comments are universally available 24/7 and can be very damaging to the subjects.  Furthermore, they are often very difficult to retract even if you decide later to do so. A person who relies on his or her reputation to find gainful employment or to gain and retain contract customers is particularly susceptible to targeted Internet smear campaigns. His or her livelihood can be as thoroughly destroyed by a malicious and relentless anonymous blogger as that of a farmer who has had his livestock destroyed and barns set aflame by a vandal.

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