Internet Related Lawsuit?

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To Remove Any Search Results From Page 1 of Google:

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Are you are requesting originating I.P. addresses or additional identifying information from for abusive or anonymous messages, posts, emails etc? If so, then you ought to understand that Rexxfield can often obtain this information very promptly (in certain cases within hours), without the defendant being aware of the scrutiny. Our methods are 100 % lawful and acceptable in court. You will also have the advantage of creating a great case long before the opponent is conscious of the scrutiny. Delays and legal fees can be drastically decreased using Rexxfield.


Prior to serving civil or criminal subpoenas on, or other social media providers, for the production of records pertaining to defamation, harassment, impersonation, copyright infractions etc. Your litigation team may be well advised to seek out Rexxfield’s litigation assistance services to assure that vital internet artifacts and documentation are carefully stored. Rexxfield’s experience in these areas will help ensure that the discovery process you pursue leaves no stone unturned with regard to the types of documents demanded and evidence uncovered. Request Rexxfield to help prepare your subpoena requests.

Are You Law A Police Officer or A Prosecutor?

Where possible Rexxfield offers pro bono help to law enforcement agencies without the specialty skill-sets required to expeditiously issue warrants and subpoenas for important yet perishable digital evidence. Ask for free investigative help and support from Rexxfield] Address for Service & Acceptable Methods of Service:, LLC, LLC

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