Advanced Web Ranking is a wonderful tool for individuals who need to take their online reputations very seriously. Even more so for search engine optimization practitioners whose clients depend on their expertise to keep their names clear of diatribe, insults and defamation; while elevating the positive or neutral content with respect to the business activities. The Rexxfield team uses Advanced Web Ranking in order to monitor the effectiveness of our reverse search engine optimization team in their attempts to dilute and bury the negative postings that have been published by our client’s competitors and antagonists. Furthermore, it is a useful forensic tool for analyzing the activities of word-criminals such as naked short selling conspirators who use online smear-campaigns against the executives, board members or officers in order to reduce share prices. The same monitoring and forensic analysis is applied to other forms of malicious attacks on the internet, whether that be high school bullying right through to all levels of corporate and political organizations.

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Advanced Web Ranking has many bells and whistles including sophisticated analysis tools, which allow the user to view the evolution over time of various results. By tagging specific negative sentiment web pages with color coding the user is able to notice at a glance any spikes or troughs in activity that need attention or reinforcement. The application includes safeguards to avoid detection with respect to breaches of terms of use with search engines. This is done by forcing the application to sleep between searches in such a way as to appear organic and innocuous to the search engine algorithms monitoring your search traffic.

There is much more to say about this application, i have found few flaws or deficiencies in the solution as it applies to my organize specialized needs; but even when i have noticed something that could be tweaked, invariably the regular updates seem to take care of them. Advanced Web Ranking’s creators at Caphyon never Cease to surprise me pleasantly with new functionality, reporting, monitoring, and fine-tune adjustments. Advanced web ranking is very intuitive considering the power contained within the package. It is always difficult to build a “Mac-ish” & intuitive user interface for complex apps, when i first began using it the intuitive combination of menu items and icons made the learning curve short and relatively pain free.

I would recommend advanced web raking application to amateur and professional search engine optimizers alike, even marketing specialists who do not actively participate in search engine optimization activities can use the tool passively to monitor their online reputation or that of their organization. This allows non-search engine optimization people to gauge overall performance and comment intelligently within marketing discussions and strategic and tactical meetings with the search engine optimization consultants. The application is pleasantly economical; if used by budget conscious marketing bean-counters a return on investment would stand to reason on the basis that the SEO consultants or staff will know that their employers are watching their progress good, bad or neutral.

Summary: Two thumbs up!

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