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Why Google Search Results Prefer Defamation & Cyber Bullying

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One of the most common questions asked of us is: “Why does Google seem to prefer negative content over positive content in its search results?”.

The bottom line is “the bottom line”! Controversy makes money for Google, by elevating negative content Google stance much better chance of selling GOOGLE AdWords® by repulsing potential customers from the companies or businesspeople there seeking out.

Even Google’s own SEO guru, Matt Cutts encourages use of controversy to generate more traffic to websites.

Set aside 9 minutes to watch this brief video that explains in detail the Rexxfield founder’s hypothesis about “Google’s humiliation algorithm”

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  • AnnonymusWe've been asked what we think of Anonymous; we a staunch supporter of legitimate whistle blowing in this "info-war" generation. If less than 1% of the population wields power over the rest of us, then they must be held to account through transparency; this can only be done by critical thinking, truth and information. As such, we believe those members of Anonymous who share this view and do not abuse their gifts are heros. As such we have no quarrel with them.

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