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by Michael Roberts on January 21st, 2012

Rexxfield was founded on the lessons learned whilst dealing with the personal and painful attacks against the founder.


a full response is available here:  “authorized statement by Rexxfield CEO and founder about  inaccurate attack piece by Fox journalist Perry Chiaramonte”

  • Insidersview

    Michael when you sent that message to Perry ” when you pull the Tiger’s tail you get the teeth”, what did you mean by that!

    • Michael Roberts

      You will understand soon enough.

  • Ripoffreporter

    Quote: “Rexxfield’s participation in the discussions were simply to keep them talking”

    Wow, that’s a great defense. Did your lawyers advised you to say that.

  • LoveyandloveyLO

    “due to your cooperation and independent investigation”. WOW thats news to your ex-wifes attorney, he states that the District Attorney stated that you played no roll in the investigation. So it sounds like you did assist them and they neglected to inform the defense during discovery. That should be helpful to her defense.

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