sues Rexxfield Founder...

...and loses Read More >>>

Rexxfield Catches Murder Fugitive - US Marshals Confirm Arrest

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Aug 28, 2013 - Rexxfield Located Murder Fugitive in USA , he was on the run for 2 months. Read More >>>


NEW Weapon Against Internet Defamation


Common Decency, Inc's team has spent more that $160,000 on R&D finding ways to combat defamation through appalling websites such as RipOffReport et al. They have just released an effective & guaranteed damage mitigation tool for you. Read more >>>


Regarding Fox News Hacking Allegations

Perry Chiaramonte, the disgraced Journalist, published an article in 2012 accusing Rexxfield CEO of criminal hacking. This story was based on interviews with convicted criminals Darren M. Meade and RipOffReport owner Ed Magedson, both have been the focus of long term investigations by Rexxfield, their fallacious interviews were malicious retribution. Fox News refuses to retract the story despite a prosecutor's description of Darren M. Meade, under oath, as a "Liar-For-Hire".


Internet Libel Damages Your Online Reputation

Online Libel is a “low-tech” threat that goes largely unnoticed by the community, is ignored by criminal prosecutors and yet is the cause of billions of dollars in irreparable damage. It causes tremendous losses to business goodwill, personal reputation and very significantly, the emotional well-being of the human victims. More>>>


Get The Scoop - Investigative Journalism Support Services

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David Jones Takeover Bidded Revealed "Rexxfield's skills have not only enabled me to break stories but to obtain background and information that could take days, if not weeks or months, using traditional boots on the ground journalism." Read More >>>>>

What About Anonymous?

Rexxfield is a staunch supporter of legitimate whistle blowing in this "info-war" generation. If less than 1% of the population wields power over the rest of us, then they must be held to account through transparency; this can only be done by critical thinking, truth and information. As such, we believe those members of Anonymous who share this view and do not abuse their gifts are heros. History will tell if the broken eggs are worth the awakening it brings about.
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  • Identifying Anonymous Bloggers

    Anonymous free speech is not an absolute privilege. If someone maligns you with internet libel, you have the right to discover their identity. Rexxfield can help. more>>>

  • What kind of work does Rexxfield do?

    This 2 1/2 minute video of our European extortion case gives a good overview. View Video
  • Investigations and Litigation Support

    Rexxfield's litigation support team has an 80-90% success rate of positively identifying anonymous bullies and antagonists, often before court action is required. more>>>

  • NOTE: We don’t do “Spin”

    Rexxfield serves and protects the “victims of others”; our mandate does not allow us to serve “victims of self”. In other words, if you have done wrong and are being treated harshly for it, your remedy will be through a publicist.

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Reputation vs character

  • "Reputation" is what others say about you.
  • "Character" is what you really are as evidenced by your actions when no one is observing.
  • Poetic Definition [Link]